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COVID-19 Updates

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August 24, 2021

Current COVID practise at Excel Physical Therapy continues to focus on safety, harm reduction and promotion of safe health practise.   Our policies include:

  • ongoing mask use by staff
  • thorough cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, treatment areas and all high contact points within the clinic
  • telehealth options for virtual face-to-face meetings with a physiotherapist
  • covid screening of patients, with re-booking of appointments for those with symptoms.

Know that we take your health seriously.  We strongly encourage you to wear a mask while in the clinic for your own protection, but also for the protection of those who may be immuno-compromised.  

April 7, 2021

As the government mandates a return to Step One of the pandemic protocol, we want to ensure you that we are still allowed to operate in a safe manner. We take your health and safety seriously.  This means:

  • ongoing COVID screening at the door (hand sanitizing, temperature screens, questionnaire)
  • staff will wear masks and hand sanitize between patients
  • patients will be required to wear masks
  • patients will be seen by appointment only (no drop ins)
  • ongoing thorough cleaning of our cubicles, equipment and high contact areas daily
  • telehealth options are still available for those patients wanting guidance for their rehabilitation but prefer to stay in their home.

September 22, 2020

We are still open and seeing clients onsite for physiotherapy!  Some important points to note follow:

  • Telehealth (think facetime or zoom, but more secure) sessions are available for those who must or would rather stay at home and not be out in public.  All you need is a webcam, internet and an appointment!
  • Patients onsite will continue to be screened for covid exposure risk (questions, temperature, etc)
  • Patients onsite are requested to wear a mask.  If you don't have one, we have some here for your use.
  • Staff will continue to wear masks, sanitize hands and equipment after every client contact, and work from home (via telehealth sessions) if for some reason they must isolate.

We continue to take your health seriously, and want you to have the safest possible experience at our clinic. 

May 4, 2020

As we enter the first phase of re-opening, we want to ensure you of the safety measures being taken at our clinic.

1. Thorough, frequent cleaning of all objects frequently touched, exercise equipment, and modalities included.

2. Screening of STAFF and CLIENTS daily for covid-19 symptoms, including temperature.

3. Prioritization of clients receiving onsite treatments (benefit:harm assessments)

4. Ongoing tele-health (video) sessions for anyone who wants them, and for those we believe to be better served by a remote session.

Your health is our priority.  We will do all we can to ensure that we all get and stay healthy, and that we all move through this together.

April 15, 2020

Tele-health sessions are up and running! We know that life keeps happening.  Ankles gets sprained.  Backs get hurt.  Knees and shoulders get glitchy.  If you need help, but don't meet the urgent qualifications, we can still help!  Check out our tele-health sessions.  We think you will find them valuable!

April 3, 2020

We are still seeing patients!  Most of these visits are virtual sessions, with the magic of the internet.  But for some (and it is very few of you who will qualify), you can be seen in person.  Who is this urgent you ask?

Urgent patients are defined as the person who:
1. Without in-person care or the withdrawal of care may lead to serious or imminent harm?
2. Is at risk for an emergency room visit, imminent hospital admission or re-admission?

However, if you are an Essential Service Worker (we are here for you!!!) We need to keep you healthy and moving.

If you have an acute onset of vertigo, please give us a call.

For everyone else, we have set up tele-rehab sessions and they are up and going NOW!. These sessions can be helpful evaluating, developing and progressing treatment strategies and exercise programs. Connect with us by phone. Also, if you need some products to help you through the interim until our doors open again (think tens machines, P3, Biofreeze, braces, exercise equipment etc) we can do that too, with curb-side sales.

If you want more information from our college, please see this link:

Stay safe and healthy. We are stronger together.


March 31, 2020


Conrona virus management strategies continue to morph, and we are changing with the times.  

  1. We are compressing our hours.  We will be here M-F 9am - 2pm
  2. We are seeing urgent patients in clinic.  Who is urgent?
    1. those who have a condition that will deteriorate significantly without intervention
    2. Essential service workers -- we need to keep you healthy and moving and working
    3. People who have had recent surgery, had a cast or immobilizer removed.
    4. People who without physio would seek out ER services  (i.e. severe pain management)
  3. For all others, we are offering tele-rehab sessions with a physio.  All you need is wifi and a smartphone or computer with camera and microphone.  Keep tuned for updates on that option.

Stay healthy!  Thanks for working with us during these uncharted times.  

March 28, 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have been mandated by the government to close our doors to client visits.  We want you to know however, that we are still here!  We are working hard at getting our tele-rehab (think virtual physiotherapy) programs up and running.  Look for opportunities to connect with our therapists as early as March 30th in this manner.  We will keep you updated!  

Thank you to all of our patients!  We appreciate you, and value your health.  As we all do our part to kick this COVID-19 virus to the curb, know that the staff at Excel Physical Therapy will be back in person as soon as we possibly can.  In the meantime, if you have questions about your rehab process, an injury or want your program advanced, connect with us and we will arrange a tele-rehab session just for you!

March 23, 2020

We continue to be open and operate under stringent infection control procedures.  Under the direction of our regulatory body and professional association, treatment of people with urgent conditions.  Examples of urgent conditions include:

  • those conditions that in other times, might cause the person to attend their physician's office or emergency department first.  (We can help triage those cases, reduce workload on those professionals, and limit your time and exposure to an ER dept.)
  • those conditions that may deteriorate without intervention
  • acute injuries and motor vehicle accidents
  • those injuries causing people to be unable to work or complete activities of daily living
  • those conditions related to surgery or cast/splint removal

If you do not have any respiratory symptoms or fever, have not travelled outside the country in the last 14 days and wish to receive physiotherapy services, know that we are here and ready to help.

We are currently open and operating normally to help you on your journey to recovery.

At Excel Physical Therapy, your health and well-being is our top priority.  We are taking extra steps to ensure the cleanliness of the clinic.  You may notice some changes that we have implemented to protect our patients and staff.  

If you are not feeling well, please call to re-schedule your appointment.  There will be no penalty for late cancellations. 

We would like to share some details on the standard daily practices which we have always had at our clinics in addition to extra steps we are taking in light of the virus.

Standard practices that our patients have always experienced at Excel Physical Therapy include:

  • All of our linens are single use and are cleaned using detergent on high heat
  • Wiping down of all treatment beds and equipment after each use with hospital grade disinfectant
  • Our clinics are fully equipped with hand washing stations as well as hand sanitizer
  • Cleaning high-touch areas with medical grade disinfectant (e.g., door handles, common area surfaces, railings, chairs, light switches, payment machines, exercise equipment and treatment tools)
  • Our staff use hand santizer or wash their hands thoroughly between treating each patient

Additional steps we are taking now include:

  • Additional training to our staff and patients on increased sanitization/hand hygiene recommendations
  • Advising our staff to stay home if they are feeling unwell or have travelled by air in the last 14 days or have had close contact with someone who has travelled by air in the previous 14 days
  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning all items listed above
  • Monitoring information from our health authorities to adjust our plan based on recommendations

We know that the COVID-19 virus can be alarming and a bit scary. At Excel Physical Therapy, we see this as a partnership journey with you as we make it a priority to take care of each other.

The steps that we have put in place are due both to our love for our patients but also for our great staff who are here for our patients.

We can all play a role in this joint battle with the virus.

We respectfully request that our patients:

  • Wash their hands prior to entering our facility and use hand sanitizer in our lobby
  • Reschedule appointments for a future date if you are feeling unwell, have travelled by air in the previous 14 days or have had close contact with someone who has travelled by air in the previous 14 days

Here are some tips that we can all follow in our daily lives:

At Excel Physical Therapy, the health of our patients is the cornerstone of why we exist. We look forward to continuing to be a partner in your health and wellness journey and taking steps with our patients to create a healthy and sanitary environment.

The team @ Excel Physical Therapy

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COVID-19 updates.